Monday, June 24, 2002

Media Bias?

So, who is more biased? CNN or Fox? You'll notice I left out the networks, simply because a couple of their prime movers are biased towards ratings and would be willing to sacrifice Americans for 'the story.'

Okay, back to the subject. Here's the problem; other than in math 'fair and balanced' are subjective terms. CNN has found this out the hard way since Fox News came on the scene. Certainly CNN thought they were FAB (fair and balanced), but that opinion was out of touch with that of their viewers and, indeed, with that of a majority of Americans. Critics, who are likewise out of touch with 'Joe America', charge that Fox has a right-wing bias. From what I've seen it's not that Fox is biased, it's simply that when you present the news (and opinions) that are more inline with that of most Americans you present a more conservative and 'right-wing' view. Sure CNN and Fox are biased, modern journalism is sifted through human beings, and as such only the driest presentation of facts can escape some bias; the difference is simply that Fox is biased more in line with most Americans. This is part of why Fox has trounced all of their cable competition. It's not that they are right-wing, but that they are actually quite centrist.

Joe America is not ultra-liberal, even when being a registered Democrat. Look at California. California is a staunchly democratic state; that voted down gay marriages, voted to bar illegal aliens from recieving many of the same benefits as citizens(cheap tuition, welfare, etc) and voted down multi-lingual education. These are three watershed issues of liberals and democrats, and yet a staunchly democratic state voted on these issues in landslide rates that make it look as if California is a hard-core right-wing state. Why is that? Well, the democratic party suffers from the same affliction as CNN. They feel they are more centrist and less radical then they really are. They are out of touch with 'Joe Democratic American' in the same way that CNN is out of touch with 'Joe America.' I haven't considered if the Republican party suffers from the same affliction. To be honest I haven't seen (and haven't really looked for) the same things that piqued my curiosity with the Democrats.

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