Saturday, June 29, 2002

It's getting smaller
Glenn Frazier linked to my page in regards to comments I made about hisBlack Irish post. Now the post, "My name is O'Hanlon..." is a really good one. Unlike my posts his is quite thoughtful and it's almost certainly not a first draft (all my posts are first drafts lacking deep thought, spell-checking, or grammer checking). Now Glenn Frazier's page is one of my daily checks, thanks to Instapundit.
I do have another comment on the subject. I've heard others (TV, coffee-house, etc) mention the situation in Ireland as being equivelant to the strife between Jews and Arabs in and around Israel. I don't see the Irish situtation as one of religion or race(I know that has nothing to do with Glenn Frazier's blog) but a political that happens to be drawn against predominantly religious lines. This is simply because, historically, most Irish have been Catholic, and the English were Anglican (protestant). So it makes sense that the lines would tend to be visible in terms of religion also, but I'm pretty sure most people with passing familliarity will already know this.
Oh, and as an aside, Padraic is a good and strong name. In fact one of my oldest son's middle names (yup one of several middle names) is Padraig.


Update: Wowsa this one isn't even really a rough draft. When I read it there were words missing (in, and, the) so I actually went back and stuck them in. Darnit, it's getting smaller, I'm checking my grammer (okay, only to a point), but what's next? Becoming responsible and thoughtful? Ugh.

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