Saturday, June 29, 2002

Gotta love the UN
Many Americans have a problem with the UN. Some have several problems, as I myself do, with the UN. But what is my biggest problem with the UN?

The UN is an organization started with the most laudable goal of keeping the world from erupting into yet another World War. That's probably the biggest reason for its initial existance, but it has been corrupted by enemies of those principles held dear by the very countries (Britain and her cowboy kids) who first proposed its formation. Maybe it's the 160 out of 177 nations that thought Syria, a supporter of terrorism against the free world, deserved a place on the UN Security Council? Maybe it's their capitulation to France on the Bosnia thing? It could be their deceitful use of the IPCC's research to promote the anti-American Kyoto Treaty. Oh heck, it could be a lot of things.

Right now, however, my biggest gripe is that out of an estimated 1.5 billion people who were to watch the World Cup match between Turkey and South Korea, there was one less person watching it. Alright, it's not so much that there was a soccer fan deprived, but why he was deprived. President Kim Dae-jung cancelled plans with his cabinet to watch South Korea play Turkey because North Korean warships fired on, and sank, a South Korean warship, after crossing the UN demarcated sea line.
He was deprived because there is still a war going on between North and South Korea. There is still a war going on because the UN's definition of peace is appeasement and status quo. Certainly the UN forces fighting against North Korea could have helped that country win the war that really got rolling when North Korea, and her allies, invaded South Korea. The UN, however, choose to maintain the status quo, and appease the communist nations. Because of this the war never ended. We can blame the US (everyone else does) for not disobeying the UN, but they were following UN orders (just like they did when withdrawing in the Gulf War). We can blame North Korea, after all the entire mess started with them. We could blame the PRC who fomented the whole thing back in the day.

Naw, I'm placing the blame squarely on the UN. Their continuing policy of status quo and appeasement is what has allowed this situation to continue. The UN allowed a belligerant government, who is allowing its citizens to starve despite tons of food shipped to them by South Korea, to remain in power. All to retain the status quo of the day, and to appease the communist nations of The PRC and the USSR. The UN, by this policy, allowed thousands, if not tens of thousands or even more, Kurds to die at the hands of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The UN, by this policy, has allowed a terrorist supporting nation, yup Iraq again, to support terrorism around the world and develop weapons of mass destruction. The UN, by this policy, has allowed Iraq to fire upon American and British airmen who are enforcing the UN's 'no fly zone.'

Now North Korea says that the South fired first, and if I were NBC or NPR I'd probably go with that story, but South Korea (like Israel) happens to be one of America's allies and as such I'm going to give South Korea the benefit of the doubt until we find out otherwise.

If the UN had committed to real and lasting peace by finishing the war, started by North Korea and her allies, this would not have happened. Millions of North Koreans would not be starving, five South Korean sailors would, most likely, be at home right now, and one more soccer fan would've been able to watch the game.


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