Monday, April 22, 2002


Well gang, I have a roof and limited internet access for a couple of weeks more. We'll have to see how it all works out. Hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, I'll have my car up and running by the end of the week. Registration and insurance taken care by the second week of next month, and the radiator replaced and the car running well by the end of next month.

On a sadder note, my radio and equalizer were stolen along with my car keys. I was keeping the beast at a friends house and someone had broken into their house. A bunch of stuff went missing, along with my car keys. I guess they took the time to steal my radio and equalizer too. I was pretty pissed, my friend was incredibly pissed.

So I'll have to get the car re-keyed or, at the very least, get new keys made. I'd rather get it re-keyed, but as you know my funds are limited. Well, not even limited, more like non-existant. Getting new keys alone will eat up most of the scratch I have left.

Still, on the plus side, I'm feeling a bit less stress (for the next couple of weeks while I have a roof), and I got to talk to my sons today. I guess that was the best thing. It's only been a few days but it's been tearing away at me, and it's nice to be able to re-assure them that their daddy is okay and loves them dearly.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

This will be the last time I am able to update this site for a long time. Everything fell through. Looks like I'm going to be out on the street, without any prospects. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It's only a decade and a half since I graduated from High School, but I've never been in a situation like this. From the AF, to a farm, to a lab, and now today. Up until this point I've never had to worry about having a job or a place to stay. Incidentally, it wasn't failure to pay rent that is making this necessary. So, Nechelle and the boys are going to live with her parents, and I'm going to try and scratch up enough for a bus. I don't know where to, I guess that'll depend on how much I'm able to scratch up in the next couple of days. It may only be to the next city. I may be as far away from California as I can get.

I'd like to thank the guys at Blogger for the nifty software, and the guys at Blogspot for the free hosting. If I can get time on a computer somewhere/sometime in the future, I'll try to update this and let the ether know how I'm doing.
Until then,
A hui hou,

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Mele Inoa
Well, it looks like I'll be out on the street in just a few more days.
Because I'll probably end up never being able to get all my things back, after I get back on my feet, I want to try to save this.
It was a mele inoa composed for me many years ago. There is only one copy in existance, and I have always been too self-involved to memorize it the way I should have.

So here goes.

E lohe mai e Ka Moku o Keawe,
e Nä Hono a'o Pi'ilani,
e Ke One o Kakuhihewa,
me Kaua'i o Manokalanipö!

E lohe Mai ë!
Eia nö ka mea huaka'i, he kama ä Hawai'i.
'Oia ka mea hele i Kahiki.
E ha'aheo mau e ka lei o ka 'äina.
E akahele nö ho'i i ka hewa o ke ao.
Mai poina i ka na'auao o nä küpuna ë,
Mai poina i ka 'ohana ë,
Mai poina i ke one hänau ë
Hea mai nei 'o Hawai'i
Ke awäwa,
Ka nahele,
Ka wailele,
me ke ola o ka 'äina,
E ho'i mai ë, e ho'i mai ë!
Imua, imua mau a loa'a ka lei o ka lanakila!

He inoa nö Kaleiokalani, he koa Hawi'i maoli nö.

(Ua haku 'ia e Kana'i Kapeliela)

Listen hither oh Island of Keawe,
Bays of Pi'ilani,
Sand of Kakuhihewa,
and Kaua'i of Manokalanipö!
Listen hither!
Here indeed is the traveler, a son of Hawai'i.
He is the one who travels to foreign lands.
Always be proud, oh child of the land.
Be wary of the dangers of the world.
Never forget the wisdom of the ancestors,
Never forget the family,
Never forget the sands of (your) birth.
Hawai'i calls --
the valleys,
the forests,
the waterfalls,
and the life of the land.
Return hither, return hither!
Forward, always go forward and recieve the garland of victory!

A name (song) for Kaleiokalani, a true Hawaiian warrior.

(Composed by Kana'i Kapeliela)

Friday, April 12, 2002

Dutch Doctor Identifies Post-Orgasmic Syndrome
Too much time and money on his hands. So, ummmmm, how much money was spent to prove to this guy something most guys already know? "Tired and sweaty after sex? " Only if it was good.
Court Martial Changes Issued

For civillians morale is a minor non-issue. For the military it has often been the difference between life and death. Frankly, in nine years, I have never seen anyone charged for adultery in a court martial. I recall two incidences when it should have been. Did failure to prosecute hurt morale in either of those cases? Most certainly. Not for the adulterous wives, or the airmen they had ongoing affairs with. I'll tell you, though, it was a pain in the ass for my shop. People's lives depend on doing a good and professional job, and these men continued to do that. They were professional enough to put out quality work, even though they were like the walking dead.

It angered and hurt them. It angered me. It angered our shop chief. It angered the other workers in our shop. About the only military personnel who weren't angered was the Commander, the First Sargeant (whose friend was the adulterer) and the wives. Did this hurt morale? Oh yeah. Though heresay, I heard it also hurt morale in the guy's own shop, because his crew were pretty disgusted by him too.

The new regulation simply clarifies prosecution on something that was already illegal.

As an aside, one of the guys in my shop eventually got an article 15 and the boot, because his 'wife' (they were in the process of divorce) wrote some bad checks, knowing he would cover them. I never did learn if she knew he would get kicked out because of her actions.
Wahoo, I have a web log and can post all kinds of stuff, so guess what.
Gonna do it.
Granted I still have a lot to learn about setting this silly thing up (comments anyone) and would love a counter so I can see how many times I've visited my very own blog page.
So, hopefully, I'll have a comment on a Palestinian survey that hurt my optimism far more than it helped.
No garauntees, however, since my time is valuable and an old John Dalmas book to read.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Well, uh....
Frankly I'm not simply new to this, I'm an utter neophyte. The reason I decided to start this was to be part of the crowd, so I'll be smoking and drinking latte at the same time, if 'yall' don't mind.
No, I take that back, I'll just drink plain old-fashioned coffee.

If, by some miracle, you happen along here, Thank you. When I think about it, it would take a miracle for anyone to show up here, and I find that thought comforting. My grasp and control of the english language is fair at best. My spelling not only atrocious, but garbled from an early childhood of mixed literature.

Until next time, "A hui hou."