Friday, August 30, 2002

Stick a fork in him
Well gang, here's a taste of my daily schedule. I get up, go to work, go home, go to sleep. Get up, go to work, go home, go to sleep. My life is like a Cheech and Chong skit, with work subbing for summer vacation. On the plus side I make bank. I mean I was discussing metalurgy with one of the outside operators the other night. Turns out he has his degree in chemistry, was working for Westinghouse, and now makes nearly 100k a year to move metal, drive a forklift, or sit in front of an exclusion area all night. It's an interesting place, and there is an extremely high turn-around. The isolation, and lack of eligible, comely, available women, take its toll on most people. Not a problem for me though, I'm greedy and here for the money. Oh, as to eligible women, the average age here is mid-40ish or so.

What all that means is that I work god awful hours, make lots of money, and have almost no time for the internet (I have to walk down to the JOC to get something approaching a decent connect). So I guess I'm done until I come home in January, except for the occasional update. As to January, if they ask me to stay here longer I certainly will. After all, I get paid more as a Senior Maintenance Millwright, then outside operators do.


Sunday, July 21, 2002

Wahoo, I'm still alive
Well gang, I've been here for nearly a week now, and have finally made the time to check out the computers in the library (where generic unlabelled machines proudly display their 8X CD-ROM drives). There are five machines here, and only one seems to have a valid internet connection. Ouch.

But let me tell you a bit about the place. It's a tiny little tropical paradise. It's an Air Force base (sorta) so there are MWR facilities, booze, a chapel, booze, a chow hall, and more booze, and a nine-hole golf course. Oh, before I forget, copious amounts of booze. The BX is the size of the PX on most bases, about the same size as a small Circle K or 7-11. I'm living in barracks that made my old ones at Edwards AFB look absolutely modern. Still, it's a great place, birds, fishes, sharks, plutonium, dioxin and such.

Currently I'm in classes, learning all about the project and about GB and VX gas, and mustard gas. Safety is a big word out here, and from what I've seen the company is actually serious about it.

I've continued to write, though it's all on paper, and my time on the PCs here is pretty limited. Eventually, however, I'll pick up a laptop and just burn what I've written so I can publish it here. Publishing will remain incredibly sporadic due to accessibility and work schedule. Work promises to be a real bear, twelve hour shifts and the heat, but I'll be on night shift. It'll be cooler, but I'd rather work days so I can take advantage of the scuba, wind-surfing, and sailing classes. I'll probably join the canoe club, so when I do get back to the land of broadband I'll be all buff and tanned.

Until then, y'all keep the faith. I will be back.


Thursday, July 11, 2002

I think this is it

Well, at least for a while. I'm packing the computer up tonight, and my luggage limit is two pieces and a carry-on, so no PC for me. I don't know what the internet access is like, but I'm told that e-mail is available, as is phone access (though not reliable). So I finish packing tonight, go spend the next couple of days with my family, and then head off to Hawai'i on Monday. Tuesday with my grandparents and Wednesday I'm off to the Atoll. After my briefing and orientation I should know more about net access. I'm hoping they at least have library computers with net access. I mean, I still have to tell the world why nature sucks, and how badly it sucks (Castaway is a good hint there). I have to rail against the dying of the light (and the air conditioning, etc), in California. I had still wanted to speak out against the oppression inherent in the ... ummm, what was I talking about again? Aw hell, I blame society, society is to blame.

Tell you what, I'll leave y'all with some background info on me. Perhaps I'll be remebered in half a year, when I get back, for that only.

My name is Kaleiokalani Barela (this was never meant to be an anonymous blog anyway). Growing up my nickname was "Kalei". After joining the Air Force and getting out of Basic Training I found that even the lone dipthong in my nickname was a bit too much for most people, so my nickname suffered another cutback and became "Kal". We'll leave off on how many middle names I have for now. Maybe next time.

Sometime after the Air Force I got a job at the Air Force's Rocket Lab (also at Edwards AFB). There I promptly made a name for myself (literally) by scrawling 'Kilroys' all over rocket test stands, hydrogen tanks, liquid oxygen run-lines, and vacuum lines. One of the 'old guys' (every place seems to have one of them) started calling me Kalroy, I graffittied my old 'Kilroys' by writing "Kalroy was Here" on them, and low and behold, Kalroy was born.

Now I'm off to be a millwright on Johnston Atoll for six months. After that I have no idea. Maybe a sales representative for Mary Kay, on Kwajalein.


Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Broken Army

Winds of War linked to an interesting piece entitled, How to Fix My Army:. This brought to mind an essay by Col. David Hackworth entitled The March of the Porcelain Soldiers. Sean D. Naylor's article (taken from The Army Times) outlines proposals by Maj. Don Vandergriff to overhaul the US Army. I found his proposals pretty common-sensical, and noticed parallels that I used to bitch about in the Air Force (why should guys who go to squadron car washes get promoted before those who go to seminars on their trade?). They are both sobering articles that left me shaking my head and muttering under my breath "uh-huh, uh-huh, aw hell." Many of the proposals made by Major Vandergriff made me recall the writings of Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers), John Dalmas aka John Robert Jones (The Regiment), and David Drake (Hammer's Slammers).

Between the two articles I doubt I could say anything that would constructively add to the situation or to those respective articles, so I'll leave it at that and simply recommend both articles.


Another of my daily checks, Daily Pundit, has noticed this blog, thank you kindly for that. I'm almost regretting next weeks flight to a <sarcasm> pacific paradise </sarcasm>. I still have a large number of opinionated rants and raves bouncin' around my noggin'. But I also have my "Mead Composition" notebook. And it works 'unplugged.'

update: Glenn Frazier again noticed my place here. Thank you kindly Glenn.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Another Pissy Hawaiian
Two things, first off I'm the Pissy Hawaiian, and two, finally something I'm actually qualified to have an opinion on.

I remarked some time ago about The Rock wanting to play Kamehameha the Great. I had my misgivings about the project, because Hollywood has an extremely poor record of accuracy in its works. Certainly the days of movies based on books containing solid research (such as those by Cornelius Ryan) and produced by people who put great effort into maintaining accuracy (Daryl F. Zanuck) and directed by people who get Star Wars characters named after them, feels like a thing of the past. Yet, as bad as Braveheart was for accuracy it was a great movie that was a lot of fun.

If The Kamehameha story was done as poorly as Braveheart I'd love it. Certainly I don't expect it to be accurate, movies based on historical facts are rarely accurate, but so what? If someone wants a hyper-accurate portrayal they're free to make one.

I was incensed at the words and actions of Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa. Jeff G. of Protein Wisdom brings this young lady's rant to our attention. Ms. Kame'eleihiwa is a radical bigot who managed to piss this 'kanak' off to no end.

'The story of Kamehameha should wait for a culturally knowledgeable Hawaiian to write the screen play,"

Exsqueeze me? Why? What makes someone not of Hawaiian ancestry suddenly unqualified to write about a Hawaiian topic? Had her argument been simply "should wait for a culturally knowledgeable person" I'd agree with her, but her suggestion that only a "Hawaiian" can do it is not only racist, it's idiotic. Her argument invalidates the work of Dr. Kilolani Mitchell who is not genetically Hawaiian. Dr. Mitchell was not born to Hawaiian parents, but he was incredibly knowledgeable about Hawaiian history and culture, but whom I, and others, found to be far more Hawaiian than many people with the right genetics.

"and for a Hawaiian descendant of Kamehameha to play the role,"

Oooh, and maybe we should wait for an actual descendent of Captain James Cook, or of the haole gunners who worked Kamehameha's cannon? Does that mean that I will get to play either of Kamehameha's hanai brothers, or that I would get to play Kalaniopu'u, his Hanai father? How much would I get paid? On the plus side it would mean that Kelly Hu (who was in The Scorpion King with The Rock) could play a part since she actually is part-Hawaiian and graduated from .... wait for it ... The Kamehameha Schools (founded by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, one of the last in the Kamehameha line). How many of Kamehameha's descendants (and a lot of people claim to be) even look pure-blooded Hawaiian?

"'We Hawaiians have already had 60 years of cultural misrepresentation, and it is no longer tolerable ..."

Have we? Yup, sure have. There has been a history of most educational programs glossing over, or totally ignoring some aspects of Hawaiian culture and history. Public schools ignore that we ate Captain Cook (and Kamehameha was almost certainly part of that particular ritual). The Hawaiians were a randy bunch when Cook arrived and they died in droves within a few years due to "social" diseases which were preventable and not passed on in some genocidal attempt. Here's one that did make it into most curricula when I was growing up. Kamehameha murdered Keouaku'ahu'ula by inviting him to a sacred dedication of a temple with the promise of safety, and then killing him on his arrival (okay, no one really knows if Kamehameha actually ordered it or not, but he did nothing to stop it).

"The very fact that movie producers, and you as well it seems, think that "the Rock" is appropriate to play Kamehameha, is an indication that you understand nothing of Hawaiian culture, no matter how thorough has been your research in the history of Kamehameha."

Here's what's really scary. Ms. Kame'eleihiwa is the director of the Gladys 'Ainoa Brandt Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH, and yet she doesn't realize that The Rock is also polynesian just like King Kamehameha. In fact, as I recall, he's at least part Samoan (feel free to correct me on this if you wish) which means he's of the exact same genetic extraction as the Goddess Pele. How can anyone be the director of any 'Center for Hawaiian Studies' and not know that?

"'you don't believe Hawaiians should have the final say over the telling of our history."

And well they shouldn't. To say Hawaiians should have "final say" over any publication is not simply unconstitutional, it's pretty damned silly and offensive.

"The saga of Kamehameha is Hawaiian intellectual property, guaranteed by the United Nations, and if you have any respect for Hawaiians you will stop your project now."

Whoops, there you go. Ms. Kame'eleihiwa has just shown herself to be one of those ultra-radical activists who are an embarrassment to most Hawaiians. Embarassing enough to raise my own ire to the point of flushed faced lividity.

"'I've gotten many positive responses from the Hawaiian community as well, by the way." [Poirier]"

Right on.

If I leave, I'll just be replaced by someone who may not care as much about historical accuracy or cultural sensitivity as I am." [Poirier]

Damn Skippy.

Imua Kamehameha!
Two States
Last month, on the 16th, I was flying to Denver reading a newspaper. The 'two states' thing came out again in an article I was reading. So I whipped out my notebook, a Mead Composition book, and jotted down the following thoughts. I tried to post them to Kalroy Was Here, but Blogger freaked out on me and after typing the entire thing out I lost it when I tried to post and publish. Shortly thereafter President Bush made his policy statement regarding the Palestinian Arabs and the situation between them and Israel. My rant then didn't have the same impetus and I never bothered to try to repost it.

Since then I went ahead and typed it out locally and now figure I might as well go ahead and publish it, so here it is.

Two states, two states, two states. You hear it from both sides. Other than the simple point that there is already one very real state, and another that exists in all but declaration, how could there possibly be a problem with such sentiment? The fact is that the Palestinian Arabs could have a state of their own anytime they wished. The governmental beauracracies, civil services, and military services are all already in place. In fact the only things missing are balls. The balls to stand up and dance the "self-determination" part of the concept of self-determination. As it is they sit around screaming, "woe is me, 'please suh may I have a nation.'" Heck, the Afghans were in far worse shape, with one hell of a lot more going against them, and they didn't need 'permission' to form a nation.

The US didn't beg for permission before waging its war of independence against the most powerful nation on earth. Israel didn't seem to care what the world thought when it did the same. Heck, there's many examples of people taking the fate of their country into their own hands; some good, some not-so-good, and some plainly heinous (Madame Guillotine anyone?). The Palestinian Arabs don't have the same hurdles, there is no one they have to fight off to get a state, and if the terrorism stopped I doubt Israel would do anything more than complain.

Here's where the real sticking point comes in. The Palestinian Arab's leadership do not want a state. Alright, settle down, I'm serious. Consider a few of the drawbacks to being a country that a terrorist people and culture would suddenly have to deal with. They would now be forced to police themselves. The world would expect them to behave in accordance with their new stature. Certainly they could get away with it somewhat, but they'd be in the same boat as Iraq and Syria.

Also, when Fatah's military branch murders ten or twenty Israeli children in Israel it no longer bears the official title of "rogue terrorism"; it becomes an act of war and would free Israel's hand further in their own defense. Also doubtful is whether they would trade more Israeli lives in exchange for mythical good press in Europe and among the more liberal news agencies in the US. With this in mind I think I see why the PA has never bothered to formally declare its own independance; though it could've done so at anytime.

Granted, the same terrorist comforting people and organizations would continue griping no matter how few terrorists are killed or how many civilian non-combatants those same terrorists kill. The European Union, SFSU, Berkeley and the Chomskites would continue to support a terrorist people and enemies of the US and the Free World.

But that's another story.

Shrinking and Flabbergasted

I've been having a hard time getting to some of the blogs I usually like to read as a result of my HOSTS file tinkering (but it's nice to have those banner ads stop popping up). I swung by Ye Olde Blog, which I believe is Andrea Harris' baby, and whose link do I find on the side bar? None other than lil' ol' metalworker me.

I think what flabbergasts me is that I honestly never expected anyone to pay much attention to this little part of the net. I know that in some cases my opinions and knowledge can be interesting; but for me that's been with my "brew party, tasting party, 'found some aging in the back of the pantry' party" friends. That particular group, however, drinks a LOT and likes to put on armor and smack each other around with sticks, so I'm not sure what it says about their enjoyment of my ideas.

So, thanks again to everyone who has stopped by and/or plugged my corner of the foundry here.


Monday, July 08, 2002

A Real Sports Hero

Pat Tillman has just given up a lucrative ($3.6 Million) contract to join the US Army, in the hopes of serving his country as a Ranger. I just heard this on the radio and felt my chest tighten. With all the wonderful sports heroes today (Tyson, Strawberry, etc), Pat Tillman is a throwback. He's a man who has chosen to put the welfare of his country and its citizens ahead of his own personal advancement. With the recent passing of Ted Williams, who also volunteered, this was wonderful news to me.

Mr. Tillman is not guaranteed a position as a Ranger. I have no doubt with his education, physical prowess, and heart he will get it, but he and his brother have enlisted knowing that there is no guarantee that they'll be Rangers and that fate may end with them being cooks (doubtful but still quite possible).

I'm a big fan of American Movie Classics, old movies, old actors and old heroes. I like the fact that at one time a number of famous actors were veterans, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin spring immediately to mind, followed by Audie Murphy and Clark Gable (though Carole Lombard was pretty instrumental in that, and tragically so). People who were famous, making better than decent money, and yet served (and there were others who were drafted and served). To me such people, including Ted Williams and Pat Tillman, are impressive, and I feel proud that such people exist among the sports and Hollywood elite in America.

Huzzah Mr. Tillman, and good luck.

Cowboy Insult

Ever heard these phrases coming from European leaders and spokesmen? "Bush is a cowboy," or "Cowboy Politics" or here's a favorite of mine, "Like a bunch of cowboys." Earlier I wrote about the hypocrisy in claiming that Americans are culturally ignorant; but these European leaders and 'spokes-folk' think that "Cowboy" is some kind of an insult.

Real cowboys work hard and have hard lives that I doubt I could presume too. I'm not some kind of Nancy Boy, but I doubt I'm tough enough to live the cowboy life.

The ideal of the cowboy is one of rugged individualism, hard work, and the kind of physical, mental, and spiritual toughness that made the United States the kind of country it is. I'm failing to see how "cowboy" could possibly be a derogatory remark except to those utterly ignorant of American culture. This is more glaring because the cowboy ideal is one of those common cultural threads that pervades American culture.

What amazes me even more is that Europeans still have cowboys. Perhaps European cowboys are different than those put out by "Britain and her Cowboy Kids." Maybe that's why they consider it an insult. Perhaps they're reading European culture into American culture because of a very real lack of familliarity with American culture. I mean "Plucking a pom-pom affixed to the horns of" wild bulls is not the kind of rodeo sport that American, Australian, or Canadian cowboys are going to aspire to.

As an aside, I was googling to see if I could find the above-mentioned quotes on the net (since linking to radio and television news doesn't seem to work to well; <a href="WKERN News, AM1540">) and it turns out my opinion is hardly unique. I mean I knew it wasn't a new opinion, it's a discussion I had with my drinking buddies in the NCO club back in the 80's (and just yesterday over the phone with an old friend), but I'd never bothered to write it down before.

Frodo Lives
So I'm at Glenn Frazier and decided to take his advice and check out Frodo's problems with the ICC. I know, it's been the talk of the web for days now. I recall seeing a blurb on Daily Pundit and ol' Sgt. Stryker simply said "This Rules".

They're all right.

Thank You All Kindly
          So there I am doing my usual daily ritual of checking out various blogs on the web, when I come across permanent sidebar links to this blog from Glenn Frazier and Beers Across America. Glenn Frazier had some really nice things to say about this bit of graffiti I've been doing, and I appreciate both the kind words and advice he's given me. All in all I've been quite surprised by my reception into the blogosphere both by bloggers I have philosophical similarities, and by one in particular that I've had a difference in opinion with.

          I'd like to thank Glenn Frazier, Beers Across America and last, but most certainly not least, Doubting Thomas.


Sunday, July 07, 2002

Well, Looks Like I'm Leaving Soon
          Well, it's official, I leave for Johnston Atoll in one week. I'll be working as a “Senior Maintenance Millwright.” It's isolated, I'll be living in GI barracks, eating at the chow hall, staying clean-shaven, and shopping at the PX. It'll sorta be like my old GI days, but I'll be making a decent salary, and I can tell my bosses to “shove it” and quit (if I don't like it) without being sent to Leavenworth.

          Way cool. I don't know how much access I'll have to the net at that point. I'm told even the telephone service (none in my room) is sometimes kinda iffy also. But hey, it's only six-months. In the meantime I still have a couple of other rants I'll try to get off my chest before I pack the computer up for good.


Saturday, July 06, 2002

Ignorant Americans
          That’s right, I just wrote the phrase “Ignorant Americans” and I wasn’t being sarcastic. Americans are pretty culturally ignorant; from a Will Rogers’ point of view.

          I used to do a lot of posting, arguing, and even debating (rarely) on the Yahoo News Forums. Flames, insults, rants, raves and the occasional well-reasoned argument (a refreshing rarity) are the norm there. Two things that used to bug the daylights out of me were the claims that a) Americans only know English, so they are ignorant; and b) Americans are ignorant about Europe, The World and their cultures.

          Part of the reaction was because I took the insults personally. I mean, I know the difference between Gallicia and Andalusia. I know the names Alfred the Great, Hengest and Vortigen. I know that Carolus Magnus would have eaten trenchers for breakfast and that Chucky’s more vulgar name was Charlemagne. The insults were not, however, applicable to me, yet I took umbrage to them. Three Musketeers syndrome probably (an attack on all is an attack on one and vice versa).

          Still, something about their words felt wrong and not simply in their applicability to myself. The claim about languages was easily thought out, and though partially true, the number of unintelligible European (and The World) immigrants that I’ve met doesn’t impress me as an argument as to the linguistic ability of The World.

          The question of cultural ignorance, however, still tugged at my mind. Certainly I could silence the detractors by asking pointed questions about American culture. I mean it’s easy, American culture is so incredibly vast and diverse that even its common threads are not always obvious. Steven Den Beste brought forth one of those common threads quite well. Yet some of those detractors were Americans, unable to answer questions about American culture like “Where did the pyramid and eye on the dollar bill come from?” I thought that would be an easy one.

          The more I thought about it, the larger and more convoluted the subject became.

          For instance, saying “no” to an offer of food is a grave insult, to this day, in parts of the State of Hawai’i. Turns out that the same holds true in some of the more rural parts of Mississippi. Cultural norms within a single state can be incredibly different. People in Kern County are different than those in the Bay Area (again, this is ‘in general’), let alone the difference between someone born and raised in San Francisco compared to someone born and raised in Garlock. Differences are readily noticeable between peoples from Los Angeles and Juno or New York and Kaunakakai.

          This is exempting the fact that a large chunk of The World’s culture is part of America’s cultural mélange (yeah, I just saw Dune again and wanted desperately to use that word). Oktoberfest, Makahiki, Cinco de Mayo and others are all part of the vast, complicated tapestry that is American Culture.

          Hey! Mr. Elitist European (and/or Mr. Euro-phile wannabe). Quick, what is Makahiki? How about Cinco de Mayo? No Google searches allowed.

          BZZZZZZZ. Too slow. Don’t feel bad though. Many, if not most, Mexican-Americans don’t really know what Cinco de Mayo celebrates either.

          Americans are pretty ignorant about their own culture, but their culture is such that it is doubtful that any one person could ever be truly familiar with it. Mennonites, Hippy communes, American Buddhism, soy farmers in Illinois, ranchers in Texas or California or Hawai’i; to say nothing of the Hawaiians, Inuit, Shoshone, Hopi, Choctaw or Delaware.

          Realize that anyone saying that Americans are ignorant of The World’s cultures, though not incorrect, is being highly hypocritical.

          Though many Americans are ignorant about so much of The World, The World is far, far more ignorant about American culture.

Ah Well Ah
          Thanks to the likes of Glenn Frazier and Doubting Thomas, my penis is getting smaller. I've suddenly gotten a couple of people checking out my rants. Now back in the day I didn't bother much about when, what, or how often I tried to post. Suddenly, however, that silly sense of monarchial responsibility inculcated into me by stories of Umialiloa and Keouakuahu'ula is beginning to tell. I have actually gone over my latest essay with a red pen. Certainly my old English teachers and professors would be proud of me, and it has clarified the respect I already had for writers, but sheez. This is like actual work, made all the more difficult by the "bullions and bullions" of insects attracted by the flood lamp outside where I sit with my notebook (and/or printed first draft) and not even the smoke of my hand-rolleds scares these little buggers away. Toss in a couple of links and voila, I’ll be cooking with gas. Err, I mean charcoal. Everyone knows charcoal is superior.

          I'll be done with my essay continuing my European Ignorance rant shortly. Now if only I could get the bloody links to show properly.


Thursday, July 04, 2002

Happy Independence Day

European ignorance
          I hear this a lot, “Americans are ignorant of other’s culture,” and “Americans can’t speak anyone else’s languages.” Both are often used to indicate American Ignorance, but how true are those accusations?

          In the absolute it is pretty true. Many Americans know very little about the cultures of other people. Specifically they tend to know only what they see on television, or read in the paper. As to their linguistics, it’s not nearly as bad as it’s made out to be. The children of millions of immigrants tend to be bi-lingual. Many high-schools mandate a foreign language for their students. Many Native Americans are bi-lingual. In absolute numbers I would hazard to put money on the number of bi-lingual citizens versus any country in the world.

          Relative to other countries, however, there is more diversity and variance in America’s linguistic ability than in any European country. I can, without leaving my county let alone my state, find speakers of every single European language. Can the same be said about any European country, or even all of Europe? Nope, never, no way. I doubt that anyone in Europe could compile an honest list of languages they have encountered spoken by Europeans, that would match my list of Americans.

          Let’s clutter the bandwidth with a preliminary (first draft, and again poorly thought out):
English, German, French, Swedish, Tahitian, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Maori, Marshalese, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque (seriously), Russian, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Tibetan, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Illicano, Gaelic, Scots-Gaelic, Choctaw, Latin (I don’t know if that one should even count, but I’m putting it in), Apache, Hopi, Navajo (Dine), Kikuyu, Swahili, Thai; hmmmm, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh, I almost forgot, Shoshone, and of course, Hawaiian.

          That’s a list of languages, spoken by actual humans (all American citizens). There are several missing, for instance Hans (an engineer at the USAF’s Rocket Lab) who was born and raised in the Netherlands, but the subject of language never came up (too busy discussing nuclear space propulsion and the best time to skim dross off your beer).

          As to myself, I speak English and Hawaiian (a couple of my siblings know Spanish, German, and French), and I’m struggling through Latin. I’m not a college graduate, I’m blue-collar who has been a welder, machinist, blasting assistant, forklift operator, truck driver, and have recently been offered a position as a millwright. In my own family we have English, Japanese, Cantonese (learning Mandarin would cause a scandal), Tagalog, Portugese, German, and, of course, Hawaiian.

          Next up, how ignorant Europeans are to American culture


Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Very Impressive

USS Clueless has an excellent read on the reason the US and so many of its citizens don’t like the idea of the International Criminal Court. His point is well made and valid. Consider that one of the things that both the right and the left have in common (other than greed, and serving special interests groups) is a healthy distrust of government; theirs, others, everyone’s. This is one of the things they share with Libertarians and those freaky militia groups also. Read it.


Saturday, June 29, 2002

Would you believe one single errant quotation mark freaked my earlier posting attempts out, and messed the [edit] link up on the blogger interface so I couldn't edit them? Ugh. Well, it looks like it worked this time.

Update: And I finally checked blogger's help section to learn how to delete the extraneous postings.

Gotta love the UN
Many Americans have a problem with the UN. Some have several problems, as I myself do, with the UN. But what is my biggest problem with the UN?

The UN is an organization started with the most laudable goal of keeping the world from erupting into yet another World War. That's probably the biggest reason for its initial existance, but it has been corrupted by enemies of those principles held dear by the very countries (Britain and her cowboy kids) who first proposed its formation. Maybe it's the 160 out of 177 nations that thought Syria, a supporter of terrorism against the free world, deserved a place on the UN Security Council? Maybe it's their capitulation to France on the Bosnia thing? It could be their deceitful use of the IPCC's research to promote the anti-American Kyoto Treaty. Oh heck, it could be a lot of things.

Right now, however, my biggest gripe is that out of an estimated 1.5 billion people who were to watch the World Cup match between Turkey and South Korea, there was one less person watching it. Alright, it's not so much that there was a soccer fan deprived, but why he was deprived. President Kim Dae-jung cancelled plans with his cabinet to watch South Korea play Turkey because North Korean warships fired on, and sank, a South Korean warship, after crossing the UN demarcated sea line.
He was deprived because there is still a war going on between North and South Korea. There is still a war going on because the UN's definition of peace is appeasement and status quo. Certainly the UN forces fighting against North Korea could have helped that country win the war that really got rolling when North Korea, and her allies, invaded South Korea. The UN, however, choose to maintain the status quo, and appease the communist nations. Because of this the war never ended. We can blame the US (everyone else does) for not disobeying the UN, but they were following UN orders (just like they did when withdrawing in the Gulf War). We can blame North Korea, after all the entire mess started with them. We could blame the PRC who fomented the whole thing back in the day.

Naw, I'm placing the blame squarely on the UN. Their continuing policy of status quo and appeasement is what has allowed this situation to continue. The UN allowed a belligerant government, who is allowing its citizens to starve despite tons of food shipped to them by South Korea, to remain in power. All to retain the status quo of the day, and to appease the communist nations of The PRC and the USSR. The UN, by this policy, allowed thousands, if not tens of thousands or even more, Kurds to die at the hands of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The UN, by this policy, has allowed a terrorist supporting nation, yup Iraq again, to support terrorism around the world and develop weapons of mass destruction. The UN, by this policy, has allowed Iraq to fire upon American and British airmen who are enforcing the UN's 'no fly zone.'

Now North Korea says that the South fired first, and if I were NBC or NPR I'd probably go with that story, but South Korea (like Israel) happens to be one of America's allies and as such I'm going to give South Korea the benefit of the doubt until we find out otherwise.

If the UN had committed to real and lasting peace by finishing the war, started by North Korea and her allies, this would not have happened. Millions of North Koreans would not be starving, five South Korean sailors would, most likely, be at home right now, and one more soccer fan would've been able to watch the game.

It's getting smaller
Glenn Frazier linked to my page in regards to comments I made about hisBlack Irish post. Now the post, "My name is O'Hanlon..." is a really good one. Unlike my posts his is quite thoughtful and it's almost certainly not a first draft (all my posts are first drafts lacking deep thought, spell-checking, or grammer checking). Now Glenn Frazier's page is one of my daily checks, thanks to Instapundit.
I do have another comment on the subject. I've heard others (TV, coffee-house, etc) mention the situation in Ireland as being equivelant to the strife between Jews and Arabs in and around Israel. I don't see the Irish situtation as one of religion or race(I know that has nothing to do with Glenn Frazier's blog) but a political that happens to be drawn against predominantly religious lines. This is simply because, historically, most Irish have been Catholic, and the English were Anglican (protestant). So it makes sense that the lines would tend to be visible in terms of religion also, but I'm pretty sure most people with passing familliarity will already know this.
Oh, and as an aside, Padraic is a good and strong name. In fact one of my oldest son's middle names (yup one of several middle names) is Padraig.


Update: Wowsa this one isn't even really a rough draft. When I read it there were words missing (in, and, the) so I actually went back and stuck them in. Darnit, it's getting smaller, I'm checking my grammer (okay, only to a point), but what's next? Becoming responsible and thoughtful? Ugh.

Friday, June 28, 2002

"I'm not a terrorist, but I play one on TV!"
Steven Berkoff is a British actor. It's not a name most people would be familliar with, I'm not, and I'm a big movie fan. His face, however, is easily recognizable. He's been in Rambo, A Clockwork Orange, Beverly Hills Cop, other movies. He plays a great bad guy, but in real life he's an actor, not a "bad guy." I think it'd be a safe bet to say that he's not a terrorist, and that he doesn't run around supporting terrorist nations. So here's the thing, the INS is deporting him for overstaying his visa by one day! The Guardian and The Miami Herald both report on this, though I found out about it on Fox News this afternoon. According to Fox News (and The Miami Herald) Mr. Berkoff's visa had been expired for one day, when the INS picked him up.

Here's the thing, there are a large number of aliens in the US who are from countries that support terrorism who stick around after their visas expire. There are a number of aliens who have overstayed their visas who personally knew the terrorists who attacked America on September 11th. They're still around. Osama Awadallah who was roomies with one of the terrorists and whose phone number was found in the car left by the terrorists is still wandering around the US. He was brought in for questioning, and lied, questioned in front of a grand jury, and lied, charged with perjury, and lied yet again. So this guy is freed by Judge Shira Scheindlin. A young man with definite terrorist connections (though no proof that he is a terrorist or that he helped them), from a country known for terrorists and a member of both a religion and a culture known for terrorism. He's wandering around.

Then there is Mr. Berkoff. Citizen of not just an ally, but a friend to the US. No known terrorist buddies. No known connection to terrorists. Not a member of a culture or religion known for terrorism. He's deported for overstaying his visa by one day.

Now I'm asking myself, how is it, that with the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens they just happen to notice this single, low-threat, individual and be there on the scene the day after his visa expires? Is there something we don't know about him (I wouldn't put money on a terrorist sleeper theory)? Is the INS getting incredibly silly (well, here I could make a profit)?

Perhaps if the INS and it's officials spent more time going after high-risk, low-contributing aliens and stopped targetting low risk, non-tanned, non-muslim, non-arab aliens they'd have a better track record. But then this is the organization that keeps Aguilar on, even after he suggested spending what little money the INS has on coddling people bent on breaking America's laws.

Hunch, errr....
Tim Blair noticed the PC HB Media.

See, I'm still not getting it.
Middle-East Realities has this little blurb about how today's Gay Pride Pararde in Tel Aviv is going.
It seems to me that the Democratic party and liberals in general are very interested in issues affected gay and lesbians (ahem, so are one heck of a lot of conservatives, but let's ignore them for a minute). Considering that there is a Gay Pride parade going on in Tel Aviv, yet in many Muslim country's the closest thing they have is a big "Drop a wall on the infidel homo" parties; here's my question, Why?

Why would anyone who supports gay rights support culture, religion, and governments who still stone gays to death? We're talking about a people whose idea of public works is building the walls to knock down on people who are gay.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as homophobic as anyone else, I still get really grossed out by two guys with mustaches making out (okay even without the facial hair). But to even consider smackin' someone because they're gay, let alone killing them, is utterly reprehensible. So why are so many bastions of gay rights supporting the point of view of Islamists and Palestinian Arabs, over those of America and Israel? I just don't get it.

Oh, and as an aside, I'm wondering how American Jews who support Israel are beginning to feel about their traditional Democratic leanings and support of the SFSU/Berkeley/etc culture.

Nobody's Perfect

Okay, so I got the last item by checking out Google's news search engine. It's a neat nifty. I was curious as to whether any more scandals had happened at my high school alma mater and all I got for a search of Kamehameha was yet another news piece on The Rock playing Kamehameha the Great. Interesting reading, but certainly not anything remotely related to The Kamehameha Schools. That's rather to be expected, considering it would be local news, but considering the scandal hit the richest school in the US, and one of the most unique schools in the US, you'd think there'd be someone, somewhere aside from the local press who mentions it. Then again, that is probably nothing more than my own vanity.

PC Gone Amok, yet again

The Bell Ringer of Notre Dame is the title of a new adaption of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and yet another idiotic attempt at catering to the politically correct crowd.
We have not changed the novel in any way, we simply felt changing the title would cause less offence of people,

Ummmm, actually they did change the novel, they changed the very title. I mean I could understand and accept their premise if they had simply changed the name back to the original French (Notre Dame de Paris) but they didn't. Perhaps I'm taking this incorrectly, but that tells me that these people shouldn't have even bothered to adapt a book they knew so little about. The article mentions the original name, but c'mon, even I knew the name and I'm a sci-fi fan who could care less about most "classics." Heck, The Return of the Native bored me to tears.
New titles for old books/movies:
Moby Vaginally Impaired

The Return of the Aboriginal Inhabitant

Taming of the Agressive Non-Stereotypical Assertive Female

The Gallic Impreialistic Aggression


I, Inorganic-American


Wednesday, June 26, 2002

More Red on the Web
Instapundit has a link to Red Skelton's version of the Pledge of Allegiance. Heck Instapundit has a lot of interesting stuff about a lot of things. It's a daily trip for me.

Red's Pledge
Tonight on Hannity and Colmes, on the Fox News Channel, there was a small presentation. Red Skelton's wife sent them a copy of Red Skelton's version of the Pledge of Allegiance. Appearing to be vellum bound in a beautiful folio, the item itself was beautiful. Its beauty paled in comparison, however, when they displayed a picture of a young Red Skelton, and played the audio of Red Skelton reciting his own version of the Pledge of Allegiance. It was moving, beautiful, and it actually made this ornery millwright's eyes water.

With the recent court decision and the controvery surrounding it (one senator calling the judges "irresponsible" and "stupid") this was an excellent time for Mr. Skelton's words. No matter what happens, with or without "under God", Mr. Skelton's interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance will always be timely and beautiful.

The Shriners, that bastion of America's values and tradition, have a page with Red Skelton's words and voice. I hope the few who make it here go there and enjoy Red Skelton's voice and words.

Hyphenated Americans

When I was growing up we never used phrases such as "Japanese American", or "Irish American." If someone said, "What nationality are you," I'd answer with, "Hawaiian, Chinese, Portagee." I've had friends get a bit miffed when I forget myself and use these terms. They remind me that my nationality is American. I reply with "of course," but in my mind I'm thinking, "Well, duh, I knew that, what's your problem?"

I was thinking about it yesterday, while polluting my lungs and enjoying the sun, and it hit me; growing up we never said it, because we all assumed it was a given. We never used terms like "Asian American" because we never had to give any thought to being American. We all knew we were Americans, and we all knew that anything else came in second to being American. We never said it, because it went without saying.

I've always had a problem with the hyphenated Americans. I do consider it devisive, but until recently I had never really bothered to try to put my finger on it. So, here goes... I have a problem with it because it feels like they have to remind people that they are Americans. Not because people consider them less than fully American, but because they don't feel American. They're hyphenated Americans because they're not all that American. Oh sure they're American citizens, but they don't feel it to the point where it becomes a total non-issue. They define themselves as hyphenated Americans because the part in front of the hyphen has as much worth to them as the part behind the hyphen. If they felt themselves to be whole-heartedly American, they wouldn't have to bother with the hyphen, because it would be a given that they were Americans.

Let's get one thing straight here; I'm not saying that this is how it really is. I'm saying that this is how it feels to me. This is the vibe I get when talking to people who insist on being a hyphenated American, rather than an American who happens to be Cantonese, or Fillipino, or French.


Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Way to go Putin!
PejmanPundit links to a nice little blurb in the Russia Journal online that I thought deserved another link, if only to bump up its googleability.
No Matter How Educated
No matter how educated a person is there are times when people still manage to throw out over-worn 'aunt Nellieisms' like they were reasoned facts.
Now usually I like Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, legal analyst over at Foxnews , but his
on really bothered me. It seems the only time people consider race is when the name differs from the nationality. Consider the outcry at the phrase "rag-head," then compare it to "cheese eating surrender-monkey." He disregards the fact that the overwhelming majority of our enemies are Arabs. We didn't choose for it to be that way, they did.
You have been kicked off an airplane flight because the local police are allowing some passengers to vote to exclude others on the basis of race.

Well heck, this kind of thing happens to caucasians all the time today. It's not Arabs who are being thoroughly searched at airports. I just came back from Denver and I spent one hell of a lot of time at airports and I watched who was being pulled aside for checks. I got checked, but then even my 'purty deck shoes' have steel-toes in them. I was concerned about bomb-sniffing dogs, simply because these are also the same shoes (electro-static discharge soles) that I used to use for blasting, so they probably have some trace of RDX on them. I saw people who looked Arab/Persian/etc, and I don't recall seeing a single one checked. I saw blacks, Chinese, Mexicans and a hell of a lot of caucasians checked. Granted there are more caucasians in the pool of eligible searchees, but I'm still not convinced that people who look like they belong on the Swedish Bikini Team are a tangible threat.
You must avoid talking to the federal police at all costs because one unacceptable or refused answer and you can be deported without charges, without trial, without judicial review, without ever seeing your family again, and without settling your business.

See now, I fail to see how deporting people who are guests in our country is a violation of their rights. When you invite or allow someone into your house, it is you who have a say in how long they stay (or if they get adopted) not them, and certainly not the next door neighbor who loves that you are feeding his kids for him. Also, no where in The Constitution does it say that anyone has the right to a trial or judicial review before being deported. That's not a right, it's a matter of legislature. In certain cases we have laws respecting such instances, but it is NOT a constitutionally gauranteed right. Judge Napolitano should know this. Hell, I'm a welder (well a millwright now) and I know the constitution better than that.
The laws were supposed to be fair and liberty guaranteed, but some politically powerful people want your liberty to be sacrificed for their safety. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Well here he is entirely correct. The Constitution specifically mentions "ourselves and our posterity" as being "ensured the blessings of liberty." It does not say "guests who are here as students or tourists, or who break our laws by sneaking into our country without permission." Again, Judge Napolitano is a Judge but he's probably never watched school-house rock and so seems unfamilliar with The Constitution of the United States of America.
When Benjamin Franklin wrote, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," he could not have even contemplated the pain and fear facing many innocent people here today.

Excellent point, and in his editorial, Judge Napolitano actually uses Mr. Franklin's quote in context (unlike a number of other people). The problem is that Mr. Franklin was not speaking about how we treat our enemies, or citizens of their countries. He was talking about Americans giving up their own rights, not recinding privelages we afford guests and invaders.
Until 1776, our government didn't recognize personal liberties; but the Declaration of Independence, from which the violence of 1776 sprang, did.

Oh boy, here we go again. Ummmm, the British did recognize some personal liberties, but for the most part not as we know them, and not to the extent that we know them. He also seems to be unaware that those concepts of liberty sprang from Brits and British organizations and thought. They didn't just materialize out of thin air.
Thus, the theory of the Declaration has been that the rights enumerated in the Constitution are natural, that is, they belong to all persons by virtue of our humanity.

Totally true. However, yet again, Judge Napolitano ignores The Constitution which is quite clear that it protects those rights for Americans. The Constitution does not say that foreigners have no rights, only that it ensures them for Americans. Frankly it is the duty of other countries to ensure those rights for their citizens; it is not our duty to do it for them. It is the duty of those foreign citizens to create a government that gaurantees those rights. So unless they want to secede and petition for statehood with the US, they have their own responsibilities.
The Constitution requires probable cause - specific reasons to persuade a judge that a specific person more likely than not committed a specific crime - before the government can arrest anyone.

Yup. But guess what, being in the US illegally is a crime.
Whom will it incarcerate or deport? Mexican busboys who look like Arabs, Middle Eastern chemical engineering students who don't wear American flags, political radicals who hate all wars?

How about foreign guests and illegals who advocate the overthrow of the United States, or who call for violence and the death of our own citizens? How about those who support our enemies (or those of our allies), or who give aid and comfort to those enemies? What about those who raise money for terrorists and America's enemies? Man, it's not rocket science. If a "Mexican busboy" is here illegally, and is yelling Mecha slogans, deport him. If "Middle Eastern chemical engineering students" are raising money for Hammas, or associating with known Al-Qaeda members, deport them. Sheez.
What freedoms are we defending if, in the name if freedom, the government can take them away because of a person's appearance or nationality?

Gotta love this idiotic statement. According to Judge Napolitano, we should not take away the freedoms of an Arab terrorist supporter simply because he happens to be an Arab.

The feeling I get (could be wrong, I'm just an average Joe) is that Judge Napolitano also has a problem denying entry to people just because they are members of enemy nations, or belong to a race with a proven track record of putting out more anti-American terrorists than any other in the history of the planet. Certainly not all Arabs are terrorists, only a miniscule proportion are; but the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Arab, and almost every single anti-American terrorist is Muslim. Should we ignore them simply because of the color of their skin? There are two kinds of racism; singling out a person (or group of people) because of the color of their skin and not singling out a person (or group of people) because of the color of their skin. In this case racism is a danger to the lives of our citizens, and on the scale of importance the Constitution give higher precedence to life than to liberty or the pursuit of happiness. It's pretty clear about that, and even if it weren't we have a bunch of moldy founding fathers who wrote all kinds of letters and treatise to make it clear for us; too bad lawyers and judiciarys ignore them.

Monday, June 24, 2002

My Penis is Shrinking

Live from the WTC has a little reference to yet another bit of Warbloggerwatch siliness. What's nifty is that if hits to one's blog is inversely proportional to penis size, then I'm "Bwana Dick," hung like a horse, "Endowed beyond your wildest, Clearasil spattered fantasies." Of course I've recently gotten something on the order of three or four hits.
So my penis must be shrinking. I could check, but if I simply buy into Warbloggerwatch's arguments, blindly, without analysis or logical testing, then at least I can run around pretending that I might be a threat to Ron Jeremy's job.


Humanizing Monsters?

Well, over at USS Clueless there's a nice little piece about logic on the left in response to an article. I enjoyed the piece, but a quote from Demosthenes' treatise caught my eye. It's a sticking point that has bugged me ever since I dated a Psych major from Cal State. She used to disparage any de-humanizing of America's enemies during wartime. Our tastes in movies may have crossed paths (Like Water for Chocolate and Casablanca) but they often remained on opposite sides of the continent (Flying Leathernecks and that Ya Ya Sisterhood movie). My penchant for heroic man movies meant that words like "Nip, Hynie, and Wop" were going to show up in war movies made 'back in da day.' As such we had a few discussions on the subject of de-humanizing the enemy.

The phrase that caught my eye was, "The Hutus, the Germans, the Iraqis, the Italians, heck, even the Mongols were human beings as well, and any strategy used to defeat them needs to recognize that simple fact."
Unfortunately that is historically untrue. Nobody cared that the Mongols were human when fighting them. They were portrayed, in both literature and art, as demons and devils. Would thinking of them loving their children have helped anyone kill them and push them back? The Germans were "The Hun in the Sun" waaaaay back when.
There is a second problem I have with humanizing the enemy. Given a choice between America and her citizens and anyone else (especially our enemies, and to a lesser extent the enemies of our allies) I choose America and her citizens. Now, as heinous as it sounds I don't want a single American soldier killed because they hesitated to kill "that father of three who loves his children and simply has values that call for the downfall of the 'Free World', though those values are as valid as those held by members of the 'Free World.'" I would much rather he killed a "Jerry, Nip, Raghead, Pinko, Gook," without hesitation than die because he spent to much time dwelling on the humanity of his enemy.
This is not the same as thinking your enemy is an idiot, or purposefully underestimating his ability (this may be what Demosthenes actually meant). This is making it easier to do a distasteful, wicked, and horrible thing that may be necessary because sometimes the alternative is unthinkably worse.

Media Bias?

So, who is more biased? CNN or Fox? You'll notice I left out the networks, simply because a couple of their prime movers are biased towards ratings and would be willing to sacrifice Americans for 'the story.'

Okay, back to the subject. Here's the problem; other than in math 'fair and balanced' are subjective terms. CNN has found this out the hard way since Fox News came on the scene. Certainly CNN thought they were FAB (fair and balanced), but that opinion was out of touch with that of their viewers and, indeed, with that of a majority of Americans. Critics, who are likewise out of touch with 'Joe America', charge that Fox has a right-wing bias. From what I've seen it's not that Fox is biased, it's simply that when you present the news (and opinions) that are more inline with that of most Americans you present a more conservative and 'right-wing' view. Sure CNN and Fox are biased, modern journalism is sifted through human beings, and as such only the driest presentation of facts can escape some bias; the difference is simply that Fox is biased more in line with most Americans. This is part of why Fox has trounced all of their cable competition. It's not that they are right-wing, but that they are actually quite centrist.

Joe America is not ultra-liberal, even when being a registered Democrat. Look at California. California is a staunchly democratic state; that voted down gay marriages, voted to bar illegal aliens from recieving many of the same benefits as citizens(cheap tuition, welfare, etc) and voted down multi-lingual education. These are three watershed issues of liberals and democrats, and yet a staunchly democratic state voted on these issues in landslide rates that make it look as if California is a hard-core right-wing state. Why is that? Well, the democratic party suffers from the same affliction as CNN. They feel they are more centrist and less radical then they really are. They are out of touch with 'Joe Democratic American' in the same way that CNN is out of touch with 'Joe America.' I haven't considered if the Republican party suffers from the same affliction. To be honest I haven't seen (and haven't really looked for) the same things that piqued my curiosity with the Democrats.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Yeah Right

According to Al-Qaida Spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Bin Laden is still alive. Of course the Al-Qaida has been soooooo trustworthy to date. Not to mention the simple fact that the message is NOT coming from Mullah Omar or binladen himself. Frankly I doubt that either are alive. If they had been we would have already seen a videotape of either of them holding up a current newspaper, or commenting on their latest attack against the Western World. But we haven't seen or heard anything at all like that. If bin Laden were alive it would be quite odd, considering his penchant for videotape and ranting at the top of his voice.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

King Kamehameha
So I'm in Denver yesterday, reading USA Today, and there was a lil' blurb. It seems "The Rock" has been talking to Sony about starring in a feature film as King Kamehameha the Great.
I think he's big enough, though probably too good looking to play Tama'a.

Still, here's hoping they have a good treatment, script and director.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Oh this is rich.

So I'm checking out the stats for this page on gostats and I had a good chuckle over the effects of not updating your HTML code. It seems that I have had 72 unique visitors yesterday. Certainly it's a possibility, but doubtful. Consider that the only comments existant (is that a real word?) on this page are my little tests, and that no one knows about this page, and there is really very little to interest anyone on this page.

The page is really nothing more than a rant page. It doesn't have the witty and pithy commentaries and opinions that other pages do, and my insights are hardly deep and unique. Of course I do consider my opinions to be pretty durn solid, but then so do a lot of people who I wouldn't invite into my home, let alone share a liferaft with; so that pretty much shows how valid one's own opinions of oneself can be.

Here's what is wonderous about my '72' unique visitors, they are all time-travellers. Seriously, they really are. They all hit my site on Wednesday, December 31st, 1969. At least I was actually alive at the time. Perhaps it's a delayed side-effect of walking on the moon that year, or just maybe time-travellers from 1969 take a genuine interest in what I have to say. I mean, so long as they're just viewing the site and not leaving lava lamps around where I might trip on them, I guess I'm okay with it.
Pejman Pundit calls this"Unbelievable."

Ms. Bryant is quoted as saying "How could I have known?" she continues with "I couldn't have known, prior to Sept. 11. I don't think anyone else would have either, if they'd been in my shoes that day,"

Reading the article I realized that she could not possibly have known that this person was a member of a group at war with the US and responsible for the deaths of many Americans. I think the proper question, however, is how could you have possibly not been suspicious? The entire episode would have sent my hackles rising. Her account of Atta was suspicious beyond the point where her excuses make sense. It's far more likely that she simply, didn't care enough to make a phone call (whether it helped or not, she should have tried). Perhaps, she thought that airing such suspicions about an overtly sexist Arab would constitute bigotry? Hey, that's the battle-cry of Arab organizations across the globe today.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Mid-East Realities has a little blurb about Sheikh Al-Ansari from Qatar University. I've read some of his stuff, and it brought to mind a conversation Corky and I had the other day. Islam's biggest problem is the lack of a Martin Luther. Al-Ansari is right when he says Islam has stagnated. In many important ways it has, and that has allowed two-hundred years of Wahab teachings dominate Islam. I know it's characterized as an extremist faction, but that's hardly the case. Wahabism is a major influence on Islam all over the world, and can be seen in the governments of almost all Islamic nations; it also rears its ugly head among moderates living in the free world. It certainly wasn't Sufis who wanted Muslims to be tried under Sharia law in Britain.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I've always been a fan of John Woo's films. I don't know the man personally, and I had never considered his politics before but tonight on FOXNews (Shepard Smith's show) he made a statement that will perpetually brand him as yet another "Aunt Nellie Idiot." "War is never good for anyone." On the face of it, it seems like a reasonable comment. We all know war is horrific, disgusting, and something that should be avoided when possible. But the simple fact that Mr. Woo has neglected to consider is that war is sometimes good for people. The allies waging war against Germany was certainly good for a number of jews, it was good for the French and the Dutch. The US waging war against Japan was certainly good for a number of Chinese, and for the Phillipines. South Korea, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are certainly in a better state because the 'Free World' waged war.

In all these cases waging war, or continuing war was a good thing for a number of people. Certainly no war in the very first place (Germany not attacking anyone, North Korea not attacking South Korea, et al) would have been better. However, despite what many say, war and conflict is not a dance; it may take two to tango, but it only takes one to begin conflict.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Well, uh...
I was at Beers Across America, Sgt. Stryker's old place, and came across his "How Jedi are you" pip. So, okay, though no one will ever see it ('woe is me, lol') Here's mine.

:: how jedi are you? ::
So, for the first time I'm checking out Warblogger Watch. I'd heard of it, but never read it before. I doubt I'll ever go there again. It's not that the author's politics, beliefs, or what he supports bothers me (though they probably do), it's that I've been spoiled by the likes of USS Clueless and Beers Across America. Rather than rant and insult, they actually pick apart the arguments of others and try to make a real point. But then, their point of view can better support such actions.

Monday, April 22, 2002


Well gang, I have a roof and limited internet access for a couple of weeks more. We'll have to see how it all works out. Hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, I'll have my car up and running by the end of the week. Registration and insurance taken care by the second week of next month, and the radiator replaced and the car running well by the end of next month.

On a sadder note, my radio and equalizer were stolen along with my car keys. I was keeping the beast at a friends house and someone had broken into their house. A bunch of stuff went missing, along with my car keys. I guess they took the time to steal my radio and equalizer too. I was pretty pissed, my friend was incredibly pissed.

So I'll have to get the car re-keyed or, at the very least, get new keys made. I'd rather get it re-keyed, but as you know my funds are limited. Well, not even limited, more like non-existant. Getting new keys alone will eat up most of the scratch I have left.

Still, on the plus side, I'm feeling a bit less stress (for the next couple of weeks while I have a roof), and I got to talk to my sons today. I guess that was the best thing. It's only been a few days but it's been tearing away at me, and it's nice to be able to re-assure them that their daddy is okay and loves them dearly.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

This will be the last time I am able to update this site for a long time. Everything fell through. Looks like I'm going to be out on the street, without any prospects. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It's only a decade and a half since I graduated from High School, but I've never been in a situation like this. From the AF, to a farm, to a lab, and now today. Up until this point I've never had to worry about having a job or a place to stay. Incidentally, it wasn't failure to pay rent that is making this necessary. So, Nechelle and the boys are going to live with her parents, and I'm going to try and scratch up enough for a bus. I don't know where to, I guess that'll depend on how much I'm able to scratch up in the next couple of days. It may only be to the next city. I may be as far away from California as I can get.

I'd like to thank the guys at Blogger for the nifty software, and the guys at Blogspot for the free hosting. If I can get time on a computer somewhere/sometime in the future, I'll try to update this and let the ether know how I'm doing.
Until then,
A hui hou,

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Mele Inoa
Well, it looks like I'll be out on the street in just a few more days.
Because I'll probably end up never being able to get all my things back, after I get back on my feet, I want to try to save this.
It was a mele inoa composed for me many years ago. There is only one copy in existance, and I have always been too self-involved to memorize it the way I should have.

So here goes.

E lohe mai e Ka Moku o Keawe,
e Nä Hono a'o Pi'ilani,
e Ke One o Kakuhihewa,
me Kaua'i o Manokalanipö!

E lohe Mai ë!
Eia nö ka mea huaka'i, he kama ä Hawai'i.
'Oia ka mea hele i Kahiki.
E ha'aheo mau e ka lei o ka 'äina.
E akahele nö ho'i i ka hewa o ke ao.
Mai poina i ka na'auao o nä küpuna ë,
Mai poina i ka 'ohana ë,
Mai poina i ke one hänau ë
Hea mai nei 'o Hawai'i
Ke awäwa,
Ka nahele,
Ka wailele,
me ke ola o ka 'äina,
E ho'i mai ë, e ho'i mai ë!
Imua, imua mau a loa'a ka lei o ka lanakila!

He inoa nö Kaleiokalani, he koa Hawi'i maoli nö.

(Ua haku 'ia e Kana'i Kapeliela)

Listen hither oh Island of Keawe,
Bays of Pi'ilani,
Sand of Kakuhihewa,
and Kaua'i of Manokalanipö!
Listen hither!
Here indeed is the traveler, a son of Hawai'i.
He is the one who travels to foreign lands.
Always be proud, oh child of the land.
Be wary of the dangers of the world.
Never forget the wisdom of the ancestors,
Never forget the family,
Never forget the sands of (your) birth.
Hawai'i calls --
the valleys,
the forests,
the waterfalls,
and the life of the land.
Return hither, return hither!
Forward, always go forward and recieve the garland of victory!

A name (song) for Kaleiokalani, a true Hawaiian warrior.

(Composed by Kana'i Kapeliela)

Friday, April 12, 2002

Dutch Doctor Identifies Post-Orgasmic Syndrome
Too much time and money on his hands. So, ummmmm, how much money was spent to prove to this guy something most guys already know? "Tired and sweaty after sex? " Only if it was good.
Court Martial Changes Issued

For civillians morale is a minor non-issue. For the military it has often been the difference between life and death. Frankly, in nine years, I have never seen anyone charged for adultery in a court martial. I recall two incidences when it should have been. Did failure to prosecute hurt morale in either of those cases? Most certainly. Not for the adulterous wives, or the airmen they had ongoing affairs with. I'll tell you, though, it was a pain in the ass for my shop. People's lives depend on doing a good and professional job, and these men continued to do that. They were professional enough to put out quality work, even though they were like the walking dead.

It angered and hurt them. It angered me. It angered our shop chief. It angered the other workers in our shop. About the only military personnel who weren't angered was the Commander, the First Sargeant (whose friend was the adulterer) and the wives. Did this hurt morale? Oh yeah. Though heresay, I heard it also hurt morale in the guy's own shop, because his crew were pretty disgusted by him too.

The new regulation simply clarifies prosecution on something that was already illegal.

As an aside, one of the guys in my shop eventually got an article 15 and the boot, because his 'wife' (they were in the process of divorce) wrote some bad checks, knowing he would cover them. I never did learn if she knew he would get kicked out because of her actions.
Wahoo, I have a web log and can post all kinds of stuff, so guess what.
Gonna do it.
Granted I still have a lot to learn about setting this silly thing up (comments anyone) and would love a counter so I can see how many times I've visited my very own blog page.
So, hopefully, I'll have a comment on a Palestinian survey that hurt my optimism far more than it helped.
No garauntees, however, since my time is valuable and an old John Dalmas book to read.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Well, uh....
Frankly I'm not simply new to this, I'm an utter neophyte. The reason I decided to start this was to be part of the crowd, so I'll be smoking and drinking latte at the same time, if 'yall' don't mind.
No, I take that back, I'll just drink plain old-fashioned coffee.

If, by some miracle, you happen along here, Thank you. When I think about it, it would take a miracle for anyone to show up here, and I find that thought comforting. My grasp and control of the english language is fair at best. My spelling not only atrocious, but garbled from an early childhood of mixed literature.

Until next time, "A hui hou."